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  I will walk by Faith even when I cannot see 

 2 CORINTHIANS 5:7    


Lyn Liechty & David Whitley have joined forces to create one of the most breathtaking and heartfelt versions of the song "More Than Wonderful", and it is without question a must-have for everyone's music collection.

"More Than Wonderful" (written by Lanny Wolf) is a Christian song that celebrates the Glory and love of Jesus Christ, and Lyn & David have managed to take this song to new heights. The masterful orchestration & arrangement by Emmy Award-winning composer Lendell Black is simply phenomenal, with sweeping strings, powerful drums, and the flawless piano and keyboards Mr. Black is known for.  Then, on top of that, flows the incredible vocal performances of Lyn & David, blended with their emotional passion and dynamic expression. The listener is left with what can only be described as a powerfully moving experience- creating an almost tangible connection to The Holy Spirit. 

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This recording has everything you could ask for with the brilliant touch of an additional mix that was done in Dolby ATMOS (available at iTunes in Dolby ATMOS) by two of the best in the field of ATMOS mixing and mastering, Grammy award winner Rob Russell of Sweetwater, and the Grammy award winner Dale Becker. The extra special touch of the ATMOS mix puts the listener seemingly inside the song with the music and vocals enveloping all around. It is a deeply moving and beautifully emotional recording and is a must for everyone to experience.
This recording really is More Than Wonderful....

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More Than Wonderful

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You can now purchase More Than Wonderful 


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